Holiday Home Gold Coast

One of the most beautiful places in Australia is the Gold Coast, and of late there has been a boom of villas and holiday homes making their construction. But there has also been a significant increase in the amount of homes that are undergoing refurbishments and redecorations. Thanks to this, it has given us the chance to work on a lot of projects in the Gold Coast that are not exactly restricted by budgets and have been a lot of fun to complete.

Not all these holiday homes are massive modern pieces of architecture as you may imagine when you first think of the Gold Coast. While they are not exactly modest, for the most part they are 3-bedroom villas and some of them are beautiful. But the benefit of working in the redecoration of these homes is that you do not aim to change too much of the original home, but simply add to it or replace it to make it that much better.

While it is not generally in our remit, one of the things that we prefer the most is to add swimming pools or change the shape and structure of the original swimming pools when it comes to beach side villas. While it may seem strange, the restructuring of something like a villa’s swimming pool can make a major difference on the way that the home ties together. Something cheap and tacky such as those “peanut” shaped swimming pools do nothing for usability or looks. There are now much more sophisticated options for homeowners in Australia.

Having said that, there is also the issue of much of the décor from these existing villas. It could be considered very 80’s and 90’s. As you can imagine, it’s not the best look in the 2010’s and 20’s. So a lot of the furniture needs a refreshment.

If you also need advice on how to purchase a property similar, contact a Real Estate Attorney and ensure you are eligible to purchase.

Mansion in Adelaide

You would be surprised how often an interior designer or anyone in a trade would decide not to work on a large project such as a mansion refurbishment or something similar. They are jobs that require too much investment in both materials and labour, and often it can result in significant complications that could delay payment that is owed.

The last large project that I had completed was a mansion design in Adelaide. There was nothing specifically wrong with the mansion itself, or the homeowners of the mansion. There wasn’t even much wrong with the project itself. However, when discussing big jobs there are a few additional worries that are added into the overall job itself.

The first is the sheer scope versus the funds the home owner actually has. In this case, the home owner was paying for his refurbishment through inheritance that he hadn’t collected yet. This is an issue, as with inheritances it could take anywhere from a day to two years before they can receive funds. Especially if there is dispute over the will.

We were unfortunately only told after the project was near completion, so we essentially decided to strip half of the work that had been completed to turn the mansion into a relative mess until he had paid. This is not unprofessional as you may think. Since the raw materials had already been purchased in my own business’ budget, this was essentially the only option available. If he decided he then had the funds necessary to complete the project, we would know that we get paid.

It took much longer than what we would have preferred to finally get paid. It took a total of 3 additional months of chasing for the payment to be complete, and we went about fixing the sabotage we had caused earlier, while also ensuring his project was completed to the standard he was looking for.

Definitely contact a Financial Advisor if you want to find out more information about how you could afford a property like this!

Penthouses in Sydney

One of the most peculiar projects that I ever had the chance to work on was for a property developer who had purchased multiple apartments around Sydney. Now, there are many new residential blocks in the city of Sydney itself, so this isn’t an unusual occurrence. What was unusual was the specific properties that he had wanted to maintain and redesign specifically. The most of which were penthouses.

What had really made this situation difficult is that he didn’t want to specifically redesign the penthouses in the way that you would imagine. He didn’t want to repaint any of the penthouses, nor change anything significant of the design of the penthouses itself. What he really wanted was the furniture within the penthouses to be replaced to match the aesthetics that had already existed within the houses themselves.

This is an unusual request as you could imagine. It is not often that we are tasked with just replacing furniture, as anyone could do that with access to Google and an Amazon Prime account. But as we were commissioned and the rate was so high, it made logical sense to approach help for this specific project and still find a way to be creative.

What we decided to do was contact a furniture marker Sydney based company to have them commission furniture based on the designs that we considered to be a good fit. Essentially, we went with a more rustic solution. The penthouses themselves looked lovely. They had a woodcrafter feel to it while also surrounded by hanging plants and vines that gave the houses a Mediterranean look. So, we wanted to encapsulate that same essence within the furniture itself by looking at wood creations rather than something more modern. This was a higher success than we had anticipated, and the overall project looked fantastic.

Turkish Bath

One of the most interesting projects we have taken part in is a Turkish bath in Sydney. Turkish baths are intricate in their design and the overall construction, because there always must be enough possibility to condense the air in the entire facility, while ensuring there is at least minimal air flow going outside of the establishment itself for health and safety reasons.

The complex nature of the project itself was what made the project so enjoyable altogether. This project was a first for us, and we had a lot of ideas on how we wanted to create and design both the bath aspect of the establishment, but also the front of house. There had to be a consistent overall theme, but we also wanted the bath itself to have its own natural theme that made sense for those who were inside to enjoy.

What I decided to do in order to form my overall design that I wanted to present is research Turkish baths from the 1600-1700’s to create something that was more of a throw back rather than something modern and new. Using older designs as an inspiration can work better than creating something more modern if it looks clean and new. This gives the overall design a design inspiration that works well.

While I originally thought that the idea would be a difficult one to gain success from, it had a great reaction. The bath owner decided that he also appreciated the old design as it acted like an homage to Turkey rather than a recycled design, and the overall design was greenlit for construction. If you are struggling to picture what the baths may have looked like I would recommend doing some research into Turkish Baths from the 1600s as they were extravagant and luxurious! Otherwise, you are always welcome to visit it!

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Dairon Design

Dairon Design is one of the top interior designers in Australia, based out of Sydney. We have worked with companies and celebrities alike and have designed homes for social housing and millionaires around the world. We have designed so many homes that we wanted somewhere to chronicle just some of the designs that we have created throughout the years, and how inspirational they were to those we designed for and us ourselves.

We want to display a lot of our most successful designs because of course it helps us sell our service and it works as free advertising, but we are also very proud of our work. We have worked on homes and properties of all shapes and sizes and we are very happy with every project we have completed. We treat every project like a piece of art, and we believe that we need to treat every project as if it is our figure head design.

The reason our designs are some of the best in the world is because of the amount of influence we have from people around the world. We try to hire artists and designers with as much experience with foreign designs as possible and can implant certain styles and designs from other cultures into our own. The more foreign influence and possibilities, the more special and unique we can make every design.

Think of a design like paint colours. Once you begin to mix the colours, you start to find more and more potential colours. That is what really changes the painting itself. We continue that approach throughout the years and for every design.

The more we try to innovate and the more that we try to be unique, the more options we have for our designs. This is also what helps us as an agency improve and get better.