Penthouses in Sydney

One of the most peculiar projects that I ever had the chance to work on was for a property developer who had purchased multiple apartments around Sydney. Now, there are many new residential blocks in the city of Sydney itself, so this isn’t an unusual occurrence. What was unusual was the specific properties that he had wanted to maintain and redesign specifically. The most of which were penthouses.

What had really made this situation difficult is that he didn’t want to specifically redesign the penthouses in the way that you would imagine. He didn’t want to repaint any of the penthouses, nor change anything significant of the design of the penthouses itself. What he really wanted was the furniture within the penthouses to be replaced to match the aesthetics that had already existed within the houses themselves.

This is an unusual request as you could imagine. It is not often that we are tasked with just replacing furniture, as anyone could do that with access to Google and an Amazon Prime account. But as we were commissioned and the rate was so high, it made logical sense to approach help for this specific project and still find a way to be creative.

What we decided to do was contact a furniture marker Sydney based company to have them commission furniture based on the designs that we considered to be a good fit. Essentially, we went with a more rustic solution. The penthouses themselves looked lovely. They had a woodcrafter feel to it while also surrounded by hanging plants and vines that gave the houses a Mediterranean look. So, we wanted to encapsulate that same essence within the furniture itself by looking at wood creations rather than something more modern. This was a higher success than we had anticipated, and the overall project looked fantastic.

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