Turkish Bath

One of the most interesting projects we have taken part in is a Turkish bath in Sydney. Turkish baths are intricate in their design and the overall construction, because there always must be enough possibility to condense the air in the entire facility, while ensuring there is at least minimal air flow going outside of the establishment itself for health and safety reasons.

The complex nature of the project itself was what made the project so enjoyable altogether. This project was a first for us, and we had a lot of ideas on how we wanted to create and design both the bath aspect of the establishment, but also the front of house. There had to be a consistent overall theme, but we also wanted the bath itself to have its own natural theme that made sense for those who were inside to enjoy.

What I decided to do in order to form my overall design that I wanted to present is research Turkish baths from the 1600-1700’s to create something that was more of a throw back rather than something modern and new. Using older designs as an inspiration can work better than creating something more modern if it looks clean and new. This gives the overall design a design inspiration that works well.

While I originally thought that the idea would be a difficult one to gain success from, it had a great reaction. The bath owner decided that he also appreciated the old design as it acted like an homage to Turkey rather than a recycled design, and the overall design was greenlit for construction. If you are struggling to picture what the baths may have looked like I would recommend doing some research into Turkish Baths from the 1600s as they were extravagant and luxurious! Otherwise, you are always welcome to visit it!

We created this for a Digital Marketing Agency as part of a day to day benefit for their workers.

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